Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical - 2017 Production


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Chell - Erin Mudry/Cate Richardson
Wheatley - J.D. Dueckman
GLaDOS/Caroline - Fairlith Harvey
Cave Johnson - Greg Delmage
Adventure Core - Stephen Blakley
Fact Core - Andrew Lynch
Space Core - Chris Nyarady
Doug Rattmann - Patrick Courtin
Announcer - Jason Marnocha


Ensemble - Erin Walker, Chloe Rowat, Chloe Mullington, Nick Drake, Tim Howe, Ian Backstrom

Patrick Courtin - Musical Director, keyboard/bass
Stanley Tsang - guitar/bass
Andrew Jossa - 2nd keyboard
Jamison Ko - drums

Director - Fairlith Harvey
Co-Director - Andrew Lynch
Choreography - Jesse Alvarez
Music/Vocal Director - Patrick Courtin
Lyrics - James Dunlop
Vocal Arrangements - Patrick Courtin
Set Design - Carolyn Rapanos
Costume Design - Shayan Naziripour
Lighting Design - Ciara O'Donnell
Stage Manager - Ryan Caron

English Subtitles - J.D. Dueckman, Ryan Caron
Spanish Subtitles - Ana M. "Kipperlab" Acuña

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